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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Panduan Visual dan Identifikasi Lapangan 107+Ular IndonesiaSupriatna, Jatna; Liswanto, Darmawan; Baskoro, Karyadi; Putra, Syahputra; Patty, Hendriati Rauwita
Jul-2017Participatory three dimensional mapping for the preparation of landslide disaster risk reduction programKusratmoko, Eko; Wibowo, Adi; Cholid, Sofyan; Pin, Tjiong Giok
Nov-2016The pattern of spatial flood disaster region in DKI JakartaTambunan, Mangapul P.
2017(Peer Reviewer) A case study of hydrocarbon prospect evaluation in north Exito field by using seismic attribute and seismic inversionHaris, Abdul
2016(Peer Reviewer) Analysis of the Characteristics of Shale Oil Potential in Talang Akar Formation, Central Ardjuna BasinHaris, Abdul
2001(Peer Reviewer) Beberapa Catatan tentang pemanfaatan peta rupabumi Indonesia Skala 1:25.000 dalam penataan ruangDimyati, Muhammad
2005(Peer Reviewer) Bursa Kerja Geografiwan Berbasis WebDimyati, Muhammad
2017(Peer Reviewer) Characterization of low contrast shale-sand reservoir using Poisson impedance inversion: Case study of Gumai formation, Jambas field Jambi Sub-basinHaris, Abdul
2017(Peer Reviewer) Coal bed methane properties modeling using improved seismic resolution for estimating gas reserves: A case study of East Kalimantan field, IndonesiaHaris, Abdul
2018(Peer Reviewer) Condensate Gas Blockage Simulation in A Gas Reservoir: A Case Study of A Gas Field in the Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan, IndonesiaHaris, Abdul
2017(Peer Reviewer) Delineating chalk sand distribution of Ekofisk formation using probabilistic neural network (PNN) and stepwise regression (SWR): Case study Danish North Sea fieldHaris, Abdul
2017(Peer Reviewer) Delineating Gas Bearing Reservoir by Using Spectral Decomposition Attribute: Case Study of Steenkool Formation, Bintuni BasinHaris, Abdul
2016(Peer Reviewer) Detrital Carbonate Characterization through Approach of Seismic Data in C BlockHaris, Abdul
2010(Peer Reviewer) Di Kantongku Masih Ada TuhanDimyati, Muhammad
2017(Peer Reviewer) Drilling exploration design controlled by pore pressure prediction from 2D seismic and well data: case study of South Sumatra BasinHaris, Abdul
2017(Peer Reviewer) Facies modeling of Kais Formation limestone: A case study of Kafor field, West Papua, IndonesiaHaris, Abdul
2017(Peer Reviewer) Fault assessment for basement reservoir compartmentalization: Case study at Northeast Betara gas field, South Sumatra BasinHaris, Abdul
2017(Peer Reviewer) Fault seal analysis to predict the compartmentalization of gas reservoir: Case study of Steenkool formation Bintuni BasinHaris, Abdul
2018(Peer Reviewer) Flow Units Determination Using Flow Zone Indicator for Carbonate ReservoirHaris, Abdul
2016(Peer Reviewer) Fractured-Basement Reservoir Modeling Using Continuous Fracture Modeling (CFM) MethodHaris, Abdul