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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Dec-2012Bank Sampah, Solusi Lingkungan SehatSupriatna, Jatna
2013Orang Utan Vs SawitSupriatna, Jatna
Apr-2015Landscape approaches; what are the pre-conditions for success?Sayer, Jeffrey; Margules, Chris; Boedhihartono, Agni Klintuni; Dale, Allan; Sunderland, Terry; Supriatna, Jatna; Saryanthi, Ria
Dec-2015The local knowledge of medicinal plants trader and diversity of medicinal plants in the Kabanjahe traditional market, North Sumatra, IndonesiaSilalahi, Marina; Nisyawati; Walujo, Eko Baroto; Supriatna, Jatna; Mangunwardoyo, Wibowo
Apr-2015Local knowledge of medicinal plants in sub-ethnic Batak Simalungun of North Sumatra, IndonesiaSilalahi, Marina; Supriatna, Jatna; Walujo, Eko Baroto; Nisyawati
Nov-2015Primates as Flagships for Conserving Biodiversity and Parks in Indonesia: Lessons Learned from West Java and North SumatraSupriatna, Jatna; Ario, Anton
Aug-2011Adaptive Radiation and Ecological Opportunity in Sulawesi and Philippine Fanged Frog (Limnonectes) CommunitiesSetiadi, Mohammad I.; McGuire, Jimmy A.; Brown, Rafe M.; Zubairi, Mohammad; Iskandar, Djoko T.; Andayani, Noviar; Supriatna, Jatna; Evans, Ben J.
2010Editors: Primates in Peril The World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates 2008–2010Mittermeier, Russell A.; Wallis, Janette; Rylands, Anthony B.; Ganzhorn, Jörg U.; Oates, John F.; Williamson, Elizabeth A.; Palacios, Erwin; Heymann, Eckhard W.; Kierulff, M. Cecília M.; Yongcheng, Long; Supriatna, Jatna; Roos, Christian; Walker, Sally; Ortiz, Liliana Cortés; Schwitzer, Christoph
2009Sumatran Orangutan Pongo abelii Lesson, 1827 Indonesia (Sumatra) (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008)Singleton, Ian; Supriatna, Jatna; Wich, Serge A.
2010(Editors) Indonesian PrimatesSharon, Gursky-Doyen; Supriatna, Jatna