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Title: Comparison Between Lead (Pb) and Zinc (Zn) Content on Milkfish (Chanos chanos, Forsk) Muscle and Gill at Aquaculture Ponds of Marunda, North Jakarta and Blankan, West Java, Indonesia
Authors: Takarina, Noverita Dian
Lovandhika, Naufal Sanca
Keywords: Blanakan
Chanos chanos
Lead (Pb)
Marunda, Zinc (Zn)
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: ARPA Press, Islamabad, Pakistan
Series/Report no.: Volume 14;Issue 2
Abstract: Aquaculture ponds in North coast of Jakarta at Marunda (Jakarta province) are located close to industries and housings, in contrast, ponds at Blanakan at Subang Regency (West Java province), are surrounded by agriculture areas and mangrove forest. Lead (Pb) has been recognized as hazardous metal because it can cause health problem, while Zinc (Zn) is an essential elements and needed by fish as enzymatic activator. The objective of this research was to measure the Pb and Zn content in the sediment and Chanos chanos at aquaculture ponds of Marunda and Blanakan. Samples of sediments and C. chanos were collected from four (M1-M4) aquaculture ponds located at Marunda, North Jakarta and four (B1-B4) aquaculture ponds located at Blanakan, Subang Regency. Pb and Zn content in sediments, muscles and gills of C. chanos were analysed using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) Shimadzu 6300. The results revealed that the ranges of metals content in sediments at Marunda ponds were 8.93 – 13.59 μg/g for Pb and 49.24 – 112.09 μg/g for Zn, while in sediments at Blanakan ponds were 10.20 – 11.8 μg/g for Pb and 44.52 – 112.09 μg/g for Zn. In addition, the ranges of Pb content in muscles and gills of C. chanos at Marunda and ponds were 1.45 – 4.98 μg/g and 3.35 – 5.68 μg/g, respectively, while at Blanakan ponds were 0.82 – 1.45 μg/g and 1.21 – 3.45 μg/g, respectively. Moreover, Zn content in muscles and gills at Marunda ponds were 23.30 – 41.89 μg/g and 86.89– 134.14 μg/g, while at Blanakan ponds were 31.57 – 49.10 μg/g and 67.98 – 132.86 μg/g, respectively. The results of analysis showed that there was significance difference of concentrations of Pb between Blanakan and Marunda (p < 0.01) and between muscle and gills (p < 0.05). Meanwhile for Zn concentrations there was no significance difference between Marunda and Blanakan, but there was significane difference between muscle and gill (p < 0.05).
ISSN: 2076734X
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