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Title: Biosurfactant Characterization of Bacterial Consortium from Soil Contaminated Hydrocarbon in Cepu Area, Central Java, Indonesia
Authors: Sumiardi, Ade
Mangunwardoyo, Wibowo
Hudiyono, Sumi
Susilaningsih, Dwi
Keywords: Biosurfactant
bacterial consortium
surface tension
interfacial tension
emulsification activities
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Publisher: Research Paper Publishing
Series/Report no.: Volume 2;Issue 7
Abstract: Biosurfactant have been recognized as an important microbial products which was applicable in a number of industries and bioprocesses. In these study, characterization of biosurfactant producing bacterial consortium isolated from soil a hydrocarbon-contaminated area in Cepu Area, Central Java, Indonesia were conducted by measuring the growth of bacterial consortium, surface tension, interfacial tension, emulsification activity and its chemical composition. The results revealed that growth of bacteria exponential phase was reached at 24 hours no different growth pattern. The biosurfactant was a complex compound which consist of carbohydrate, protein and lipid. The emulsification used E24 of 93.75% unit was for bacterial consortium. The surface tension was reduced to below 51 dynes/cm from 72.00 dynes/cm (water surface tension) of bacterial consortium and the lowest interfacial tension values were obtained 10.00 dynes/cm.
ISSN: 2250-3153
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