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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2012(Similarity Check) Controlling the diffusion profile of electroactive species for selective anodic stripping voltammetry of cadmium at boron-doped diamond electrodesTribidasari, Ivandini. A
Sep-2014(Similarity Check) Electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide at platinum-modified diamond electrodes for an application in melamine strip testsTribidasari, Ivandini. A
15-Sep-2013(Similarity Check) An Electrolyte-Free System for Ozone Generation using heavily Boron-Doped Diamond ElectrodesTribidasari, Ivandini. A
Apr-2013(Similarity Check) Development of ELectrolyte-Free Ozone Sensors using Boron-Doped Diamond ElectrodesTribidasari, Ivandini. A
Oct-2012(Similarity Check) Development of a Biochemical Oxygen Demand Sensor Using Gold-Modified Boron Doped Diamond ElectrodesTribidasari, Ivandini. A
13-Nov-2013(Similarity Check) Electrochemical Detection of Selenium (IV) and (VI) at Gold-Modified Diamond ElectrodesTribidasari, Ivandini. A
10-May-2014(Similarity Check) Synthesis of Biodiesel Using a Two-compartments Electrochemical CellTribidasari, Ivandini. A
1-Mar-2015(Similarity Check) Anodic stripping voltammetry of gold nanoparticles at boron-doped diamond electrodes and its application in immunochromatographic strip testsTribidasari, Ivandini. A
10-Jul-2015(Similarity Check) Yeast-based Biochemical Oxygen Demand Sensors Using Gold-modified Boron-doped Diamond ElectrodesTribidasari, Ivandini. A
5-May-2015Electrochemical Behavior of Zanamivir at Gold-Modified Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes for an Application in Neuraminidase SensingTribidasari, Ivandini. A


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