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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Alginate-Stabilized Gold NanoparticlesFoliatini; Yulizar, Yoki; Hafizah, Mas Ayu Elita
May-2016A facile and effective technique for the synthesis of thiol-modified Au/alginate nanocomposite and its performance in stabilizing Pickering emulsionYulizar, Yoki; Foliatini; Hafizah, Mas Ayu Elita
Apr-2015Morphological and Dimensional Properties of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles Prepared under Microwave IrradiationHarjono; Yulizar, Yoki
Dec-2008Sintesis Elektrolit Padat Berbasis Gelas Lithium (Ag2S)x(LiPO3)1-XIhsan, Mohammad; Kartini, Evvy; Yulizar, Yoki
Dec-2008Pengaruh Formulasi Emulsi Terhadap Hasil Enkapsulasi Nanopartikel Magnetik Fe3o4 Denganpoly (Lactic Acid)Yulianti, Evi; Sudaryanto; Yulizar, Yoki; Mujamilah
Dec-2014Modifikasi Bentonit Terpilar Al Dengan Polianilin Sebagai Reduktor Ion Cr (Vi)Ningsih, Netti Yulia; Yulizar, Yoki
Sep-2011(Similarity Check) Samarium(III) picrate tetraethylene glycol complex: Photoluminescence study and active material in monolayer electroluminescentYulizar, Yoki
2010(Similarity Check) The Kinetics and Mechanism of the Core-shell Styrene-butyl Acrylate PolymerisationYulizar, Yoki
Feb-2016(Similarity Check) Well-exposed gold nanoclusters on Indonesia natural zeolite: a highly active and reusable catalyst for the reduction of p-nitrophenolYulizar, Yoki
Dec-2012(Similarity Check) Investigation of crystal structure influence on spectroscopic and photoluminescent properties of terbium–picrate triethylene glycol complexYulizar, Yoki