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Title: Protein Identification Using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)
Authors: Sjahfirdi, Luthfiralda
Nasikin, Mohammad
Keywords: amide
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: Arpapress
Series/Report no.: Volume 10;Issue 3
Abstract: The research was conducted to identify the presence of protein by indicating amide groups and measuring its level in food through specific groups of protein using FTIR (Fourier Transformed Infrared) method. The scanning process was conducted on wavenumber 400—4000 cm-1. The determination of functional group was being done by comparing wavenumber of amide functional groups of the protein samples to existing standard. Protein level was measured by comparing absorbance of protein specific functional groups to absorbance of fatty acid functional groups. Result showed the FTIR spectrums of all samples were on 557-3381 cm-1 wavenumber range. The amides detected were Amide III, IV, and VI with absorbance between trace until 0.032%. The presence of protein can be detected in samples animal and vegetable cheese, butter, and milk through functional groups of amide III, IV, and VI were on 1240-1265 cm-1, 713-721 cm-1 , and 551-586 cm-1 wavenumber respectively . Urine was detected through functional groups of amide III and IV were on 1639 cm-1 and 719 cm-1 wavenumber. The protein level of animal cheese, vegetable cheese, butter, and milk were 1.01%, 1.0%, 0.86%, and 1.55% respectively.
ISSN: 2076 - 734X (Print) 2076 - 7366 (Online)
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