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Title: Hyperon Matter at Low Densities
Authors: Sulaksono, Anto
Keywords: Relativistic mean field model
High density matter
Neutron stars
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2013
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Series/Report no.: Volume 1617;
Abstract: It was reported recently that hyperons can be present inside PSRJ1614-2230 compact star. This can be realized only if the strength of the ω-hyperons and φ-hyperons coupling of conventional hyperons coupling constant on the extended relativistic mean field (ERMF) model increase by a factor of 1.5 to 3. In the present work, the mass and radius relation of the neutron star that is calculated by using BSR28 parameter set of ERMF model augmented with maximal coupling strength of the ω-hyperons and φ-hyperons (X=1), is compared to the mass and radius relation of the neutron star that is predicted by the same RMF parameter set but by assuming that hyperons do not exist in the matter (No. Hyp) as well as those by assuming the hyperons coupling constant fulfilled the conventional SU(6) and SU(3) symmetry. The consequences of implementing X=1 prescription are also discussed. The potential depths of hyperons in symmetric nuclear matter (SNM), pure neutron matter (PNM) and pure lambda matter (PLM) based on this parameter set are also calculated by using the X=1, SU (6) and SU (3) prescriptions. The results are compared to those obtained from microscopic models, quark meson coupling model (χ QMM) and the QCD sum rule for finite density (QCD SM) result.
ISBN: 9780735412545
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