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Title: Spatial Temporal Analysis of Air Surface Temperature Behavior in Small City (University)
Authors: Wibowo, Adi
Semedi, Jarot Mulyo
Keywords: Air surface temperature behaviour; campus; spatial-temporal nalysis
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Publisher: BPFG UGM
Abstract: Land use in campus of University , as same as city but in small area, is representation of human activities. Campus differentiated by land use type: build area, forest and natural area, water pond, and transportation area. Each land use type had air surface tempera ture behavior within time especially i n day time with comfort temperature bellow 30°c i n tropical area. Study area in University of lndonesia as campus in urban setting with special function as forest city and water pond for Jakarta. This research objective is assessment spatial-temporal air surface temperature in campus area. This research used spatial-temporal analysis, with data collection of air surface temperature with mobile a ir temperature tools within 10 days and each day collect in tree times (morning, noon and after noon) through I0 locations. The result addressed air surface temperature had behavior differentiated based on land use type, maximum and minimum in the morning, noon and afternoon. The minimum air surface temperature with average is 25.5-27.2°C in the morning (06 am) and maximu m air surface temperature with average is 33.2-39 .7°C at noon (01 pm). The individual day raised temperature more than 40°C as land use type transportation as car parking. This result of spatial-temporal analysis are presented such that they can be used as development land use planning in campus.
ISBN: 9789788786587
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