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Title: Effect of Neutrino Electromagnetic from Factors on Neutrino Interaction with Finite Temperature Electron Matters
Authors: Satiawati, L.
Sulaksono, Anto
Keywords: neutrino
supernova atmosphere
matter effects
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Directorate of Research and Community and Enggagment UI
Series/Report no.: Volume 15;No. 2
Abstract: The differential cross-section of neutrino interaction with dense and warm electron gasses has been calculated by taking into account the neutrino electromagnetic form factors. The significant effect of electromagnetic properties of neutrino can be found if the neutrino dipole moment, μ ν , is ≥ 5.10-9 μB and neutrino charge radius, Rv, is ≥ 5.10-6 MeV-1. The importance of the retarded correction, detailed balance and Pauli blocking factors is shown and analyzed. Many-body effects on the target matter which are included via random phase approximation (RPA) correlation as well as photon effective mass are also investigated.
ISSN: 23391995
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