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Title: Application of Spatial Scan Statistics on Tuberculosis Hotspot Detection in Indonesia
Authors: Widyaningsih, Yekti
Issue Date: 12-Oct-2009
Publisher: IndoMS
Abstract: The term "cluster" or "hotspot" is an unusual aggregation, real or perceived, of events that are grouped together in time and/or space. Clusters of health event, such as chonic disease, injuries, and birth defects, are often reported to health agencies. This paper deals with a comparison between Scan Statistics method by Kulldorf and Upper Level Set Scan Statistic by Patil and Taille on a study of Tuberculosis disease spreading in Indonesia from 2001 to 2005. Tuberculosis cases is continuing to increase in number, and spreading through the regions. The data was analyzed by scan statistics method and some descriptive statistics. The result is hoped to be a geoinformatics implemented material. The software to be used is SatScan by Martin Kuldorff and ULS by GP. Patil, 2004. These two methods gave different hotspot areas result. The shapes of scanning windows have an effect on the results.
ISBN: 978-602-96426-0-5
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