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Title: LH receptor gene expression in Granulosa Cells in Poor Responder Women Undergoing IVF Treatment
Authors: Mutia, Kresna
Bowolaksono, Anom
Ameilia, Pritta
Wiweko, Budi
Hestiantoro, Andon
Keywords: LHR
poor responder
granulosa cells Introduction
Issue Date: 4-Apr-2014
Publisher: Aspire
Abstract: In infertily women that undergoing stimulation protocol, only a subset of them seem to benefit from addition of LH to stimulation protocol. Such as in poor responder patient. To know the differences response, genetic studies needed for helping us to individualize the therapeutic approach. Luteinizing hormone (LH) play an important role in follicullogenesis and ovulation. The action of LH is mediated by binding to its receptor (LHR) which is located on the cell membrane. Infertility and abnormal steroid can be monitored by the experssion based on LHR mRNA. The aim of the study is to compare LHR gene expression in poor responder and normal patient with male factor undergoing IVF treatment. Granulosa and cumulus cells were collected from 10 patients undergoing IVF treatment on the day egg collection, Five Patients with male factor and 5 patient with poor responder. The RNA were extracted than reverse transcribed to cDNA and followed by LHR gene expression using Real Time PCR. The LHR gene expression in poor responder patient has no differences with male factor patient. A significant negative association was observed between LHR gene expression from both patient (P<0.05). LHR gene is mostly expressed in Granulosa cell in both poor responder women and male factor patient undergoing ICSI treatment. No significant differences between those patients.
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