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Title: Length-weight relationship and condition factor in giant harpiosquillid Mantis shrimp, Harpiosquilla raphidea (Crustacea: Stomatopoda) in Banten Bay waters, Indonesia
Authors: Mulyono, Mugi
Patria, Mufti Petala
Affandi, Ridwan
Keywords: Mantis shrimps
Harpiosquilla raphidea
Length-weight relationship
Issue Date: Aug-2013
Publisher: Iranian Society of Ichthyology
Series/Report no.: Volume 1;No. 4
Abstract: Length-weight relationship of Harpiosquilla raphidea from Banten Bay waters was studied from 146 males and 186 females ranging from 38 to 354 and from 37 to 348 mm, respectively. The following equations were obtained Ln W = 5.164 + 2.478 Ln X (for males), Ln W = 5.333 + 2.596 Ln X (for females) and Ln W = 5.264 + 2.549 Ln X, Ln X (pooled). The ‘b’ values (2.5497) found not near to 3 indicating allometric growth being matched up with the cube law. The ANCOVA indicated not much variation between the ‘b’ values for males and females. In general, the growth rate of the mantis shrimp H. raphidea almost the same or not much different from other mantis shrimp species of the order Stomatopoda.
ISSN: 2322-5270
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