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Title: Cryopreservation of Java Barb (Barbonymus gonionotus) Using Egg Yolk as a Cryoprotectant
Authors: Abinawanto
Rahayu, S.
Lestari, Retno
Keywords: Barbonymus gonionotus
Egg Yolk
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: International Digital Organization for Scientific Information
Series/Report no.: Volume 10;No. 3
Abstract: The aim of this study was to inversitage the effect of egg yolk as a cryoprotectant on spermatozoa quality of Barbonymus gonionotus, twenty four hours after sub-zero freezing. The ejaculates from a total of three males were diluted with the glucose-base extender + 10% methanol + egg yolk. Egg yolk concentration which was used in this study were: 0%, 5%, 7%, 9%, 11%, 13%, 15% and 17%, respectively. Samples were then equilibrated at 4°C for 10 minutes and were freezed at -34°C for 24 hours. Thawing was carried out at 40°C for 30 seconds. Based on Anova test, there were significant effect (P<0.01) of various concentration of egg yolk on post-thaw sperm motility and viability, but not on post-thaw abnormality, compared to control (0% of egg yolk). According to the Tukey test, the concentration of 15% of egg yolk showed significant difference (P<0.01) on post-thaw motility and viability, respectively. Fifteen percent of egg yolk showed the highest post-thaw sperm motility (96.10±3.31) and sperm viability (85.50±3.11), respectively.
ISSN: 1992-6197
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