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Title: Precise Global Shape Analysis for Left Ventricle Function Assessment
Authors: Saputro, Adhi Harmoko
Issue Date: 8-Feb-2012
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: The left ventricular (LV) shape alteration is believed that has close correlation with cardiac disease and LV regional function. In this paper, we propose a set of procedure to evaluate LV shape deformation quantitatively and precisely. The LV myocardial shape of first cardiac cycle (end diastole) is reconstructed using a set of control points manually by expert and then tracked to last cardiac cycle (end systole) using accurate motion estimation. A new global shape parameter is extracted based on the alteration of both of shape in end diastole and end systole. This parameter is a spatial geometry variable on the apical segment of human cardiac. The normal subject and patient data are used to evaluate this procedure. Comparison of the parameter of the global shape analysis on both cases shows a promise result as a new approach to evaluate the regional LV function and such cardiac pathologies.
ISSN: 2161-4393
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