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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Apr-2017Drilling exploration design controlled by pore pressure prediction from 2D seismic and well data: case study of South Sumatra BasinHaris, Abdul; Mulyawan; Riyanto, Agus
24-Apr-2017Pore pressure prediction using probabilistic neural network: case study of South Sumatra BasinHaris, Abdul; Sitorus; Riyanto, Agus
10-Jul-2017Delineating chalk sand distribution of Ekofisk formation using probabilistic neural network (PNN) and stepwise regression (SWR): Case study Danish North Sea fieldHaris, Abdul; Nafian; Riyanto, Agus
10-Jul-2017Mapping lacustrine syn-rift reservoir distribution using spectral attributes: A case study of the Pematang Brownshale Central Sumatra BasinHaris, Abdul; Yustiawan; Riyanto, Agus; Ramadian
10-Jul-2017Integrated seismic stochastic inversion and multi-attributes to delineate reservoir distribution: Case study MZ fields, Central Sumatra BasinHaris, Abdul; Novriyani; Suparno; Hidayat; Riyanto, Agus
10-Jul-2017Reservoir hydrocarbon delineation using spectral decomposition: The application of S-Transform and empirical mode decomposition (EMD) methodHaris, Abdul; Morena; Riyanto, Agus; Zulivandama
10-Jul-2017Characterization of low contrast shale-sand reservoir using Poisson impedance inversion: Case study of Gumai formation, Jambas field Jambi Sub-basinHaris, Abdul; Nenggala; Suparno; Raguwanti; Riyanto, Agus
10-Jul-2017A case study of hydrocarbon prospect evaluation in north Exito field by using seismic attribute and seismic inversionHaris, Abdul; Fakhri; Isniarny; Riyanto, Agus
10-Jul-2017Shale characterization on Barito field, Southeast Kalimantan for shale hydrocarbon explorationSumotarto; Haris, Abdul; Riyanto, Agus; Usman
10-Jul-2017Delineating Gas Bearing Reservoir by Using Spectral Decomposition Attribute: Case Study of Steenkool Formation, Bintuni BasinHaris, Abdul; Pradana; Riyanto, Agus