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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2005The effects of hybridization on growth allometry and craniofacial form in Sulawesi macaquesSchillaci, Michael A.; Froehlich, Jeffery W.; Supriatna, Jatna; Engel, Lisa Jones
Aug-2003Diversification Of Sulawesi Macaque Monkeys: Decoupled Evolution Of Mitochondrial And Autosomal DNAEvans, Ben J.; Supriatna, Jatna; Andayani, Noviar; Melnick, Don J.
Aug-2001Hybridization And Population Genetics Of Two Macaque Species In Sulawesi, IndonesiaEvans, B. J.; Supriatna, Jatna; Melnick, D. J.
Jun-2003Monkeys And Toads Define Areas Of Endemism On SulawesiEvans, Ben J.; Supriatna, Jatna; Andayani, Noviar; Setiadi, Mohammed Iqbal; Cannatella, David C.; Melnick, Don J.
Feb-2007When “Not Extinct” Is Not Good News: Conservation in the Sangihe IslandsShekelle, Myron; Meier, Rudolf; Indrawan, Mochamad; Maryanto, Ibnu; Salim, Agus; Supriatna, Jatna; Andayani, Noviar; Wirdateti
Mar-2007Growth and sexual dimorphism in a population of hybrid macaquesSchillaci, M. A.; Froehlich, J. W.; Supriatna, Jatna
30-Nov-2007Global and Local Conservation PrioritiesMittermeier, Russell A.; Gascon, Claude; Rajaobelina, Leon; Supriatna, Jatna; da Silva, Jose Maria Cardoso; Rodriguez, Carlos Manuel; Zhi, Lu; Brandon, Katrina
2009Primates in Peril: The World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates 2008–2010Mittermeier, Russell A.; Wallis, Janette; Rylands, Anthony B.; Ganzhorn, Jörg U.; Oates, John F.; Williamson, Elizabeth A.; Palacios, Erwin; Heymann, Eckhard W.; Kierulff, M. Cecília M.; Yongcheng, Long; Supriatna, Jatna; Roos, Christian; Walker, Sally; Ortiz, Liliana Cortés; Schwitzer, Christoph
2008Relative population density of Tarsius Dianae in Man-Influenced habitats of Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi, IndonesiaYustian, Indra; Merker, Stefan; Supriatna, Jatna; Andayani, Noviar
Apr-2008IS Presbytes a District Monophyletic Genus Inferences from Mitochondrial DNA SequencesZain, Badrul Munir Md.; Morales, Juan Carlos; Hasan, Mohd. Nordin; Abdul, Jasmi; Lakim, Maklarin; Supriatna, Jatna; Melnick, Don J.