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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2014Modelling the habitat use and distribution of the threatened Javan slow loris Nycticebus javanicusVoskamp, Alke; Rode, E. Johanna; Coudrat, Camille N. Z.; Wirdateti; Abinawanto; Wilson, Robert J.; Nekaris, K. Anne-Isola
Jun-2014Detection of Papua New Guinea Thalassemia Alpha Mutation in Gayo, Sumba, Ternate, and Timika PopulationsNurfitriani, Risya; Abinawanto; Noviyanti, Rintis; Trianti, Lely; Nainggolan, Ita M.
Mar-2012Optimization of relativistic mean field model for finite nuclei to neutron star matterAgrawal, B.K.; Sulaksono, Anto; Reinhard, P.-G.
Sep-2012Existence of hyperons in the pulsar PSRJ1614-2230Sulaksono, Anto; Agrawal, B.K.
Jan-2014Growth characteristics and cytokine/chemokine induction profiles of dengue viruses in various cell linesYohan, B.; Kendarsari, R. Indah; Mutia, K.; Bowolaksono, Anom; Harahap, A. R.; Sasmono, R. Tedjo
22-Oct-2012Ranking and Hotspot Detection Methods on Infant Health for Districts in Java, Indonesia: E-Governance Micro ToolsWidyaningsih, Yekti; Myers, Wayne L.
Jan-2013Luteoprotective mechanisms of prostaglandin F2α stimulated by luteinizing hormone in the bovine corpus luteum.Kawaguchi, Syota; Bowolaksono, Anom; Yoshioka, Shin; Sakumoto, Ryosuke; Okuda, Kiyoshi
Jun-2012Molecular Regulation of Noradrenaline in Bovine Corpus LuteumBowolaksono, Anom
12-Jul-2011Ordering Dually in Triangle (ORDIT) and Hotspot Detection in Generalized Linear Model for Poverty and Infant Health in East JavaWidyaningsih, Yekti; Saefuddin, Asep; Notodiputro, Khairil A.; Wigena, Aji H.
May-2012Nested Generalized Linear Model with Ordinal Response for Correlated DataWidyaningsih, Yekti; Saefuddin, Asep; Notodiputro, Khairil A.; Wigena, Aji H.