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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2012The Effects of Symmetry Energy on the Instability of Matter with Neutrinos TrappingSulaksono, Anto; Agrawal, B. K.; Satiawati, L.
Nov-2011Effect of Neutrino Electromagnetic from Factors on Neutrino Interaction with Finite Temperature Electron MattersSatiawati, L.; Sulaksono, Anto
2012Land Price Model Considering Spatial FactorsSaefuddin, Asep; Widyaningsih, Yekti; Ginting, Ardinata; Mamat, Mustafa
Apr-2013Bioconcentration Factor of Copper (Cu), Lead (Pb), and Zinc (Zn) in Anadara indica Related to the Water Quality in Coastal AreasTakarina, Noverita Dian; Bengen, Dietriech Geoffrey; Sanusi, Harpasis Slamet; Riani, Etty
13-Oct-2013Hyperons in anisotropic neutron starSulaksono, Anto
28-Nov-2013Pemanfaatan Hierarchical Bayes Spatial Small Area Estimation (SAE) dengan Pembobot Korelasi untuk Menduga Proporsi pada Area yang Tidak TersurveiSiswantining, Titin; Soemartojo, Saskya Marry; Widyaningsih, Yekti
Mar-2013Luteoprotective Roles of Luteinizing Hormone Are Mediated by Not Only Progesterone Production But Also Glucocorticoid Conversion in Bovine Corpus LuteumKawaguchi, Syota; Bowolaksono, Anom; Sakumoto, Ryosuke; Okuda, Kiyoshi
2013Penaksiran Parameter Model Regresi Poisson dengan Metode Exact Generalized Estimating Equations (EGEE) untuk Multiple – Random EffectsHayati, Anisah Nurul; Widyaningsih, Yekti; Lestari, Dian
2013Penaksiran Parameter Model Regresi Linier Clustered Specific Generalized Estimating Equation (CS-GEE) pada Data TerklasterSaddiky, Muhammad Faisal As; Widyaningsih, Yekti; Lestari, Dian
14-Sep-2013Kurva Rasio Variansi Spasial Hierarchical Bayes Small Area Estimation untuk Berbagai Ukuran SampelSiswantining, Titin; Widyaningsih, Yekti; Soemartojo, Saskya Mary