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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2017Time Reverse Modeling Of Hydrocarbon Detection For Passive Seismic Source Localization: A Case Study Of Synthetics And Real Data From The South Sumatra Basin, IndonesiaHaris, Abdul; Silaban, Stevanus Parlindungan; Riyanto, Agus; Syahputra, Reza; Mardiyati, Sri; Adriansyah
Dec-2017Coal bed methane properties modeling using improved seismic resolution for estimating gas reserves: A case study of East Kalimantan field, IndonesiaHaris, Abdul; Imam, Choirul; Berger, Ng Bei; Riyanto, Agus
Dec-2017Facies modeling of Kais Formation limestone: A case study of Kafor field, West Papua, IndonesiaHaris, Abdul; Siburian, Irwan Barlett; Riyanto, Agus
29-Aug-2018Unconventional Resources of Shale Hydrocarbon in Sumatra Basin, IndonesiaHaris, Abdul; Riyanto, Agus; Seno, Bayu; Almunawar, Husein Agil; Marbun, Martogu Benedict; Mahmudin, Iskandarsyah; Manaf, Prima Erfido
14-Jun-2018Reservoir Compartment Assessment: A Case Study Of Bangko And Bekasap Formation, Central Sumatra Basin IndonesiaHaris, Abdul; Anindya, Raden Sigit; Indra, Tito Latif; Riyanto, Agus
Apr-2018Integrated Avo, Elastic Seismic Inversion And Petrophysical Analysis For Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study Of Gas Field, South Sumatera BasinHaris, Abdul; Sandrina, Ressy; Riyanto, Agus
Dec-2017Spectral Decomposition Technique Based On Stft And Cwt For Identifying The Hydrocarbon ReservoirHaris, Abdul; Haryono; Riyanto, Agus
Jul-2018Condensate Gas Blockage Simulation in A Gas Reservoir: A Case Study of A Gas Field in the Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan, IndonesiaHaris, Abdul; Kamadibrata, Ari Taufiq; Riyanto, Agus
30-Aug-2018Flow Units Determination Using Flow Zone Indicator for Carbonate ReservoirHaris, Abdul; Riyanto, Agus; Harsanto, Tri Aji Adi; Rachmanto, Ambar; Sukmatiawa, Adang
19-Apr-2016Integrated approach for fracture modeling of carbonate reservoir: A case study of Baturaja formation, West Java BasinHaris, Abdul; Riyanto, Agus; Rachmanto; Sukmatiawa