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Title: AN analysis of rumor spreading model with contra productive intervention
Authors: Aldila, Dipo
Paramartha, H.P.
Tasman, Hengki
Keywords: rumor
equilibrium points
local stability
Issue Date: 8-Feb-2017
Publisher: Academic Press
Series/Report no.: Volume 112;Issue 3
Abstract: A mathematical model to explain the spread of rumors in a closed human population is proposed in this article. Interventions from the government to educate people about the danger of rumor along with apprehensions of fanatical people are implemented in the model. Intervention of imprisonment which will send fanatical people to prison was assumed to have a worsening effect, i.e increasing the ability of fanatical people to persuade other people to follow their ideology. Equilibrium points and their local stability criteria are discussed. Some scenarios that might appear in reality have been shown numerically to give a better illustration of the model.
ISSN: 1311-8080
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