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Title: Global Feature for Left Ventricular Dysfunction Detection Based on Shape Deformation Tracking
Authors: Saputro, Adhi Harmoko
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: World Scientific
Abstract: Left ventricular (LV) shape alteration is closely correlated with cardiac disease and LV function. In this paper, we propose a feature to detect LV dysfunction globally by analyzing the LV shape deformation in systolic contraction. The feature is an index that is extracted from geometric measurement of LV shape such as the length of the long axis, the short axis, and the apical diameter. A framework for computing the features is also proposed that consists of shape model construction and motion estimation of myocardial boundary. The LV shape model is extracted from apical 2 and 4 chamber views of 2D echocardiography. The long axis, the short axis, and the apical diameter were redefined according to the LV shape constructed. An optical °ow technique was used to estimate the position of the LV boundary in each frame. The classification of the LV dysfunction was performed using linear discriminant analysis (LDA) and neural networks (NNs). The 2D echocardiography dataset collected from routine clinical check-up were used to validate the proposed method by comparing the computation result and cardiac expert diagnose. Classification performance and statistical analysis, which was performed to discriminate between healthy and diseased data, indicated promising results. The global LV features would provide a strong basis for a global LV function diagnosis and a global cardiac pathology assessment.
ISSN: 1793-7132
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